18 Sept 2014

We generally consider direct perception as the most important type of evidence. We are able to see our body, the number of hands, legs, eyes we have and so on. This is one type of proof. Consider another example: We boil milk. After heating, we add some yoghurt to it in the night and wake up the next morning to find that the whole milk has turned into curd (yoghurt). Though our eyes don’t see the transformation process, our own action provides us the proof and we don’t need anyone else to convince us that the change from milk to curd has really occurred, though the change process was not visible directly to our eyes. So too, though the Soul (Atma) is invisible, and we cannot see it, we must have faith in its existence. Several great sages and saints have had the direct experience of Divinity in their present lives and have conveyed the teachings to us. So let us realise the divinity in us and everyone around us by transforming ourselves through our good thoughts and deeds.


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