11 Sept 2014

What manifests externally is called ‘Manas’ (Mind). That which is internal is ‘Nama’ (The Name of the Lord). Repeating the Name of the Lord, one can gain control over our mind and attain the state where there is no Mind (Amanaska). As long as we are under the influence of your mind, we will tread deeper and deeper only in the worldly path and get lost. We can clearly hear the voice of the Lord, only when we attain the ‘No Mind’ State. To attain that state, we must listen to the inner voice, the voice of the Lord within us. To hear Him, we must practice Devotion and Surrender. The easiest way to understand and experience God is to Love Him. We can easily grow in love for God, by worshipping Him in a specific form. A true devotee does all duties with total surrender only to please God, and dedicates every action to please Him.


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