Sai in Rome

By His infinite mercy and grace, usually whichever country we visit we try to look up for a Sai centre there and try to attend atleast one of the sessions in that centre. We have visited about 6-7 Sai centres on the globe and I would like to share those divine experiences with all of you. This is the first in the series.

This August (2014) we visited Italy. As I was extremely tied up and we had a lot of touring in Italy, I was not sure whether we would really find a Sai centre close to where we were put up during our holiday. We were trying to contact the Sai centres in the places we were planning to visit just 2/3 days before our departure. We heard from a Sai brother just the day before we left that he would take us to one of the centres. I was happy at the prospect of seeing a centre in a new country. We left for Rome on 14th Aug; a Thursday evening after the usual prayer session at home. I prayed Swami to show me some indication of His presence just before we boarded the flight. We were waiting in the lounge and just 10 min prior to boarding I received a mail from my dad at Parthi stating that a particular sister Shakuntala from Rome had written to him that she would meet me for lunch on Saturday. I was really touched by Swami’s love and was looking forward to meet the brother and Sis Shakuntala. As I sat on the flight, Swami indicated to me that there was a purpose for my meeting up with these people in Rome.

After we landed in Rome and took some rest, Sis Shakuntala contacted us and told that she would meet us the next day and that brother Luigi would take us for some sightseeing. I was totally lost for words at the love of these so called strangers who were actually more like our extended loving family. Bro Luigi came that evening and drove us around for 3-4 hours. He first took us to the beautiful Sai centre and then to Vatican City and various other places. He also insisted that we dine with him. He was such a soft spoken person and was love personified. IMG_3984 Next evening Sis Shakuntala came along with Bro Luigi to our hotel and showered us with so many sweets and gifts as if meeting a known one after a long time. My husband and daughter were totally in awe at such an act of love. Swami’s love was seen in them. Then she started talking me regarding her frequent visits to Parthi. She was in fact instrumental in spreading Swami’s messages in Italy and her group of volunteers visited Parthi 4-5 times a year to do seva at the Western Canteen. She was also responsible in starting the Western canteen years back at Prashanti. Suddenly within 5 min of mutual introduction she asked me, “Have you read the book ‘Fakir’?” It came as a real surprise to me, not only because I had only recently started reading this book but also since this was asked totally out of context. She told me that she had met the author, Ruzbeh Bharucha as she had wanted to translate those books in Italian and Spanish. You can well imagine where my mind immediately went off to?? I instantly told her about our saibalsanskaar blog and its translations. She was more than glad to help out with these 2 languages for our blog stories. OMG, my eyes were moist as I recollected what my Divine Master had indicated just the day before on the flight that there was a purpose of my meeting these people. I mentioned that to her and she was so happy that Swami had chosen her for another seva as well.

Hope to start working whenever Swami decides for the next few translations. I could only thank my omnipresent Lord for all His love and grace showered in an unknown country. HE is everywhere. This is the experience in each and every country we have visited. There is no family like a Sai family for me. A lot of learning for us as a family and how we should treat anyone who comes to our place and love them unconditionally; only to see a smile in our Master’s face.

4 thoughts on “Sai in Rome

  1. sai ram
    there are 2 other books by the same author in the series – The Fakir the Journey Continues n The Ladt Marathon.
    Your contact in Italy may wish to translate those as well.
    sai ram

  2. OSR. My name is Geetha and am quite blown away by your experiences and the hospitality of these devotees in Rome. In all our travels, I always try and locate a Sai centre to visit. It is such a magnificent experience, especially when you are a visitor and you are given the opportunity to sing to Swami. Have been to centres in New york, australia, Hong Kong, Amsterdam. My husband and I are leaving for Rome on the 31st May 2015 and am trying to locate a centre there and came across your visit. If it possible if you can please give me the contact details of these devotees, I would humbly appreciate it. Thank you, JSR

    • Sairam Sis Geetha

      Nice to hear from you. So next when you are in Singapore, pl do get in touch with me. Regarding the Rome address
      The address of Sai Center Rome is: Via Benedetto Musolino n. 43 (Trastevere).


  3. Can you please tell us how to get in touch with someone from Rome Sai Centre? We are in Rome on holiday and would love to celebrate Baba’s birthday with other devotees. My mobile is +44 788295 9240

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