Sai Mahima- India trip 2014- Part 3


I left for Singapore on 24th May after a 2 week stay in India about which I have mentioned in the earlier posts in this blog. and

23rd May happens to our wedding anniversary and I wanted to be at Parthi on that day. That morning Swami came in my dream. HE was seated in His chair and along with me one more lady was present. Swami first spoke something to her and then He called me. I knelt down in front of Him. He asked me, “Kya liktha hai”? (meaning what are you writing? In hindi). I told “Swami, experiences likta hai.” (writing experiences). He smiled, “Accha” (Ok)(and showed 2 of His fingers, indicating ‘2’) “likho”. (write) aur idhar rakho (keep them here, pointing to a foot stool below another chair to His left). I could make out that it was our prayer room chair which was kept for Swami.



I felt that Swami was again indicating that the Shirdi idol in the centre of our altar is verily where He is sitting; to the left of which is the chair kept for Him in our altar. This was another indication about His approval to me for sharing my experiences with all.

I was very happy to have Swami’s darshan in my dream and proceeded to have darshan of the Samadhi. I prayed to Swami to let me have some kumkum (vermillion powder) which is considered very auspicious for married hindu women. Swami prompted me to visit the Gayatri temple and Laxmi temple where I had beautiful darshan and abundant kumkum. In the evening when we went out for dinner, there was a huge picture of Swami in the restaurant , next to which kumkum was kept. I was indeed very happy and returned back to Singapore the next day ie on the 24th May.

Exactly a week later a Sai brother from Mumbai had come to Singapore for an official trip and called me to meet him as he had to pass some prasadam to me. I invited him home and as soon as he came in, he told me that he had visited various temples like Palani, Madurai Meenakshi etc and got those prasadams for me. As I opened the packet, to my utter amazement there were 2 packets of kumkum from Madurai Minakshi temple and panchamrutam from Palani.

I was lost for words at the love of my Lord, who so mercifully sent the kumkum which I had asked a week ago. I soon recollected the earlier kumkum mahima story which I have shared in this blog sometime back (Refer- , I had received the same kumkum from Madurai Minakshi temple and was wondering about the connection. Swami answered me, by asking me to recollect where our wedding was held and which temple had we visited soon after our marriage. Yes, indeed the Kalyana mandapam where we got married was ‘Meenakshi Sundereshwara” mandapam in Coimbatore and we visited Madurai Meenakshi temple soon after our wedding before returning to our home in Mumbai. OMG!!!!!

The Palani prasadam was most apt as well; as our family deity is Lord Subramania who is the presiding deity of Palani.

Anyatha Sharanam Naasti, Twameva Sharanam Mama”. There is no other refuge than You, my Lord.

My koti pranams at Your Divine lotus feet. Words cannot describe Your love and concern for Your devotees.


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