Sai Gita-Time wasted is Life wasted- Baba

The Lord declared in the Gita, “Whoever remembers me is very dear to me.” Therefore, remember the Lord always. Offer him your mind and your will. Surrender everything to him and you will quickly reach him.”

Embodiments of Love,

In the Gita the Lord taught that joy and sorrow, cold and heat, profit and loss, criticism and praise, must all be faced with an equal mind.
This equanimity of mind is one of the most important attributes of a true devotee. There are many other attributes of a true devotee, but these are all contained in two principal qualities: discipline and renunciation. Discipline refers to the three types of penance: bodily penance, mental penance and vocal penance. Renunciation refers to understanding the defects in objects, and living a life which does not get attached to these things; in other words, living as a witness. If you can incorporate these two important qualities, discipline and renunciation in your daily life, then there will be no need for any other spiritual practice.


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