Sai Mahima India trip May 2014 – Part 1

My trip to India in May 2014 was not planned initially. Since mid Feb my Father in law (FIL) was not keeping well and had trouble walking, so he had to be suddenly admitted in end of February for a knee replacement surgery. He developed a lot of complications and the dates for the surgery kept postponing. My husband was in and out of Bangalore where my FIL was. Meanwhile in Mar end, April my dad also became unwell. So it was my duty to attend to both the fathers at their time of need. April is always a busy month with “Sai Aradhana’” programs. I was unsure when I had to go to India and hence didn’t confirm for any of the programs at the Centre.

My FIL’s operation was finally fixed for mid-April and I thought it would be the best time for me to go and help out and after the operation go to my dad’s place to take care of him. My husband was of the opinion that I should not go then as his sisters would be there to help out and that I should go when no one else is around, as after his surgery more help may be needed. I checked with my dad also and he told me not to rush to India instead visit him whenever I plan to visit my FIL. However I was not very convinced. I wanted to go with my husband during my FIL’s operation around mid-April. I was in so much confusion whether to listen to my husband or do what I felt right.

During this period, one day as I was meditating, Swami clearly told me ‘Pati ka baat suno’ (meaning listen to your husband, in hindi), go on 9th May. After the meditation, I told my husband that I will proceed as per his advice in May. The date 9th May was because my husband was also planning to travel on that day for 2 weeks and that would be a good period to spend time with both the fathers.

Swami made sure that I was part of all the Sai aradhana programs as well as Paduka puja and I didn’t miss out on any program. Meanwhile my husband was in India along with his sisters in mid-April all set for FIL’s operation. There was a sudden turn of events, my FIL developed infection and the operation didn’t take place. The operation was then decided to be postponed to June.

I planned to spend 1 week with my in laws and then 1 week with my dad. My FIL’s check-up was due on 5th May and when he went that day for his check-up, the doctor told him that he was fit for operation and admitted him right away to the hospital. My FIL was caught unaware, he didn’t go prepared for that. My husband had to travel and my brother in law was also busy at that time. What a Master plan, Swami planned the right time for my being with my FIL. I was able to serve my FIL to my heart’s content and especially when no one was there at that time for help. Swami had fulfilled my innermost desire to serve my in-laws. That was the most gratifying time for me. Throughout my stay there I could see either Shirdi form or Swami every day on my way to and back from hospital. I was there for a week after which I left for Parthi.

My dad had come over to Bangalore to see my FIL a day before we left for Parthi. That was a Thursday evening. That very evening on our return from hospital we visited a long-time friend and a Sai devotee whom we had not met for more than 2 decades and what a ‘Sai incidence’, little did we know that he was in our very complex where we stayed in Blore. And of course that evening was beautiful with bhajan and satsang at their place.

On Friday after meeting my FIL again at the hospital; we met the doctor as well and he said that my FIL would be discharged on next Thursday or earliest by Wednesday. My FIL was recouping well so with great happiness; my dad and I proceeded to Parthi halting at the way in Muddenahalli.

Swami’s plans are always the best. We must just tune to Him and listen to Him or rather our inner voice which is Him speaking.

Thanks to the merciful Lord, who guides and protects us in very way.


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