5 June 2014

To cultivate a piece of land, the farmer works really long and hard. First, he has to soften the entire piece of land. He must then plough it, sow the seeds and water it regularly. After that, the crop has to grow to a certain stage, and to aid that, he needs to use fertilizers and remove the weeds at regular intervals. Only after all this, will he be able to bring home the food grains. That is exactly what we have to do with our hearts too. The heart is like a piece of land to be cultivated, and we must cultivate it with utmost care and concern. It must be watered with the water of love. Using the plough of enquiry, we must plough it and sow the seed of the Name of God, and then guard it very vigilantly using the fence of caution and care. We must protect it without a trace of ego, then we will receive the fruit of love. The joy and bliss  thus attained will be most pure and permanent.


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