8 May 2014

One must not indulge in arguments and disputations; one who clamours aloud has not grasped the Truth. Silence is the only language of the realised. We must practice moderation in speech; which will help us in many ways. It will develop Prema- love, for most misunderstandings and factions arise out of carelessly spoken words. When the foot slips, the wound can be healed; but when the tongue slips, the wound it causes in the heart of another will fester for life. This is especially true when we are not in a right frame of mind ie when we are angry, stressed etc, we tend to speak out words that hurt others and leave a relationship sore. The tongue is liable to four big errors: uttering falsehood, scandalising, finding fault with others and excessive talk. These must be avoided if there must be peace for the individual and society. The bond of brotherhood will be tightened if people speak less and speak sweet. That is why silence (mounam) was prescribed as a vow for spiritual aspirants by scriptures. As spiritual aspirants in various stages of the road, this discipline will be very valuable for all of us.


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