Sai Paduka Puja 2014 Singapore

Sai Paduka Puja is a yearly event held in Singapore every 1st day of May. It is a very well organised event which is eagerly looked forward to by all Sai devotees. This is a beautiful way of showing our gratitude to our Divine Master Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


Excitement was in the air from about 2 weeks prior with volunteers helping out pack the dry ingredients like vibhuti, sandal powder, turmeric powder etc for the puja in advance. The previous day i.e 30th April, was full of bliss with about 10/12 Sai sisters helping pack all the other left over ingredients required for the abhishekam like curd, honey, flower, fruit etc with the accompaniment of melodious bhajans. What a lovely team work and spirit! Swami’s love was seen in abundance. All the boxes (around 115 boxes) containing about 20 ingredients were ready within 3 hrs for the next day’s puja.IMG_3082


On the D day ie 1st May, the prayers are performed in a vedic tradition first invoking Lord Ganesha followed by invocation to our Dearest Swami through the Shodaso upachara puja, abhishekam of the padukas (holy sandals) with nine ingredients namely turmeric water, milk, curd, panchamrutam, honey, coconut water, fruit juice, rose water and vibhuti and the chanting of Sai Paduka Ashtotram.


The program closed with beautiful ‘charan’ bhajans- (Chinna china padam, Sathya Sai Padamrutam etc) and aarti was offered with utmost devotion by all the devotees gathered there.


Puja vidhi detailed post to follow soon.


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