24 April 2014

When a tree sways with the wind, its branches bend and toss up and down. But the tiny bird sitting on it is not afraid? Why? Because the bird relies on its wings. Even if the branch falls down, as long as its wings are fine, it is safe. With this realization, the bird sits bravely on the swaying branch. However, we human beings do not have so much faith as a tiny bird. Even with the slightest problems on the tree of life, we get very worried, why? It is because we have lost our self-confidence. Even at the slightest suffering, we are frustrated, depressed and unable to bear. Instead of depending on our intelligence, physical strength or wealth, we must trust our self-confidence. We must perform good deeds; let every step and all our efforts be directed to win His Grace and proximity. Then, we will surely triumph!


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