A loving tribute to the Divine Master on the 3rd Sai Aradhana- 24 April 2014

Offering my most humble pranams at the Divine Lotus Feet of my beloved Master.

divine lotus feet

24th April 2014, marks the 3rd year of the day on which our beloved Master decided to cast off His mortal frame. It was indeed very painful for every devotee to accept that the beautiful form would not be seen anymore. The eager eyes longing to see the Divine form coming out of the Yajur Mandir for darshans, will have to be just contented reminiscing the previous darshans and visualising how the merciful Lord would glide gently through the Kulwant hall to quench the thirst of His devotees through His loving form. We keep asking, “O Lord! Why did You have to do this’? “Don’t You have any mercy on us”? “Can we ever see this beloved form again? Our mind is unable to accept the loss of Your physical frame”.

Swami lovingly reminds us, “My dear child, where have I gone? I am always with You. It is time you grow up, raise above My physical form. So many of my teachings and discourses should have prepared you for this. Just follow the teachings, Live My message and you will ever see Me, with My hands raised to bless u. How can a mother ever desert her children? I will never go away from you, but you need to open your inner vision to see Me, and that will come with the purity of mind which can be achieved only by following and living My message.

As Swami keeps reminding me of this, I become aware that if we truly love our Master, it is our responsibility to live up to His message and spread His love to all. As mentioned in my first tribute last year,https://premaarpan.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/an-offering-of-love-to-the-divine-master-a-humble-tribute-24-apr-2013/, Swami blessed and guided me to play a small role in His big scheme of things. i.e to spread His teachings through the human value blogs. HE held my hand and guided me step by step through the human value ‘blogs’-Saibalsanskaar. (I say ‘blogs’ and not a ‘blog’ for a reason which will unfold as one scrolls down the next few paragraphs)

human value

In February 2013, Swami blessed me to start a blog on human values consisting of mainly compilation of value based stories not restricted to any caste, creed or religion. HE graciously indicated me to name it ‘Sai Balsanskaar’. I started work on collating the inspiring and value based stories mainly from the web. The moment Master’s command was being followed, ideas just kept flowing. (Swami’s unseen hand was at work). It attracted lot of followers who were interested in following the blog. I was quite contented working with this blog; little did I know what was in store; going forward?

20th Oct 2013, ‘The Avatar day’, Swami indicated that it was time to get the blogs translated. To begin with would be ‘Telugu’ His mother tongue. I had no idea how go about this. HE indicated a name (she is a loving friend and an amazing human being; Sis Lakshmi). I just called her and mentioned about this and she was more than happy to help. I had no idea how she would type out in Telugu. She said she knew of a website which would help her translate and that very evening the first story in Telugu was ready. Then other languages followed suit. (Hence the word ‘blogs’) (owe it to http://www.tamilcube.com, without which we would not have been able to translate in so many languages with such ease)

We as a team of about 17 of us offer a garland of 8 languages including English at His Divine Lotus feet as a tribute on the 3rd Mahasamadhi day. Each and everyone involved in this seva have experienced transformation and a sense of joy in doing their bit for this cause. Some of them pour their heart out in their own words below as to how they are getting transformed daily and how they are so thankful to Swami for having chosen them as a humble instrument, especially at a time when they were looking out to do something really meaningful.

Team Telugu- Sister Visala Kiran

http://saibalsanskaartelugu.wordpress.com, FB page- Neeti Kadhalu

My humble pranams at Swami’s lotus feet.

By Swami’s grace I am part of a Telugu blog. We started the blog in October’13 and as days pass by I could see an amazing transformation in my attitude towards people.

I have learned to be disciplined, determined and patient after going through the speeches of Swami. These qualities are able to transform me into a more positive being. These values are tough to practice but while doing the translation work of such noble stories and speeches it becomes a habit to stick around these without noticing ourselves. The effort we put in through translation of stories in getting accurate and sweetest words is transforming me into a hard working individual as well which also helps me in acknowledging others efforts without shame.

Thank you so much Swami for using me as an instrument and making me nicest towards others 🙂


Team Tamil

http://saibalsanskaartamil.wordpress.com, FB page- Needhi Kadhai Kalanjiyam

It is only when you have both divine grace and human endeavour that you can experience bliss, just as you can enjoy the breeze of a fan only when you have both a fan and the electrical energy to operate it.”

(Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba)

It is by His abundant Grace that I was given this opportunity to serve Him through the translation seva. Just at a time when I wanted to contribute something meaningfully for the inculcation of values in children, this beautiful work came up. Now the effort has to come from our side so that more and more Grace is experienced. The main idea is to spread human values to as many people as possible so that a huge difference can be felt across all strata of society, globally. Swami’s life was His message and we have to lead a life based on His teachings so that we can achieve an impeccable character as “THE END OF EDUCATION IS CHARACTER”. Our impeccable character will help us develop humility and become eligible to obtain the virtues that will lead to righteousness living and happiness, as The Lord has said in the Bhagawad Gita.

Personally, the transformation has started in me. Whenever I begin to translate a story from English to Tamil, I sense the need to practise those values.  So to the best of my knowledge, I am working out on strengthening my positive qualities. And then when I talk to people, there is a certain emphasis on the values because I have started practising it and I believe this will slowly create the change. Each story that I translate is a constant reminder of the eternal human values and the need to imbibe those. So this is another form of Satsang for me.

Sister Ranjini Murali

Jai Sai Ram. 3 magical words! Yes. This translation seva has brought some transformation in me. By nature, I am very sensitive and used to feel for the comments passed by others. Anything negative, my eyes would swell up with tears. Now I am able to feel the change. “Do unto others as you expect them to do to you”. Based on this quotation as far as possible, I don’t hurt anyone by my words, deeds or actions. Before advising children, we should act as per that and show them. By translating these stories first I try to imbibe the values given in them. It has given me courage to face negativity. I tried to pass the values to my sisters. They say, even for them there is some transformation. Pray God to continue showering His grace on all.

Sister Saraswathi Vishwanathan

Team Hindi- Sister Archana Goswami

http://saibalsanskaarhindi.wordpress.com , FB page- Balkahaaniyan

My most humble and revered salutations at the divine lotus feet of my Sai, who is my strength, inspiration and motivation. I had read in Tapovanam (Sri Sathya Sai Satcharita), “Service occupies the most exalted position among all kinds of Sadhana. God himself has incarnated in human form to serve Mankind and He is undertaking numerous programs of Service. In such a situation, if man too comes forward to dedicate himself to selfless service, there can be no doubt that God’s grace will be assured.” Hence I had been praying to Swami to bless me with Seva opportunities which I can undertake while attending to my household duties. I am ever so grateful to the most Compassionate and ever Merciful Lord for entrusting me with this translation seva. It is a threefold blessing to me- I am reconnected to my mother tongue, helps me practice ‘Namasmaranam’ more spontaneously and am able to add a droplet of value to Swami’s work. I offer these small petals of my effort as gratitude to my dearest of dear Lord, Sai.


Team Malayalam- Sister Jyoti Udayshankar


These stories are not only for children, but for each & every one of us. Each time I go through a story it makes my eyes wet, because the lessons I get go direct deep into the heart, especially on the intensity of relationships, devotion & compassion. Let Bhagwan help me to put into practice in my day to day life, the lessons that I have learned from each story.

loving sairams.

Team Marathi- Sai Sister

http://saibalsanskaarmarathi.wordpress.com FB page- Naitik gosht

Baba’s message of “Love Ever Hurt Never” always inspired me, and in the process started to find out how this works in real life. “Love Ever” is possible only when we break our own boundaries and start reaching out to people and the best way of reaching out was to do seva. That’s how I go into seva. Doing seva gives immense joy and happiness which really money cannot buy and in the process makes you look at your own self from a new perspective. Baba has always been an inspiration of unselfish love and service.


Team Gujarati- Sai sister

http://saibalsanskaargujarati.wordpress.com FB page- Balvihar

Shri Sathya Sai Baba, He is God to some, Guru to some and Guide to some. For me he is all three. Swami has been an intrinsic part of my life from the day I found him or rather he has taken my hand in his to guide me on my journey on this earth.

I was very happy when I was asked to do help on this blog as I had finished my job and was wondering what I am going to do next. I am glad that I am able to contribute meaningfully for this cause and also thank Swami that my family and friends were able be a part of this blog by helping me.

Team Mandarin


On behalf of Sai brother and sister from Malaysia, I thank Swami for giving this Divine opportunity to translate in Mandarin and reach out to Mandarin speaking countries.

Team English

http://saibalsanskaar.wordpress.com FB page- Values for inspired living

As for me, this work has humbled me and I am awestruck when I see how the Master plan was designed for each and every language. We began this as a simple exercise to share the value based stories with the people around us; which in turn led us to self-transformation, self-introspection and  love for our mother tongue besides learning a lot of other valuable lessons.

Finally I would like to conclude by thanking the Divine Master for giving me such a wonderful team to work with, who are so enthusiastic and ever ready to serve. Their dedication to this noble cause is commendable. The social media also has been put to good use; as a tool to spread His message of Love. Facebook pages for all the languages are launched and are attracting a lot of audience globally.

Dearest Lord, we the “Saibalsanskaar” team offer these blogs at Your Divine Lotus Feet. We seek Your blessings for taking Your message further to every corner of the globe.



Love You and Thank You Lord, for choosing us as humble instruments in Your Divine Mission.

Jai Sai Ram









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