17 April 2014

One may go through sacred texts, offer all sorts of prayers to all Gods and perhaps be in a thick forest or in the safest place, but we cannot run away from our destiny. Just like we may immerse a container in a small lake or a large ocean, but we cannot collect more water than what the container can hold. Without the strength of righteousness, physical and intellectual strength are of no avail. What happened to the mighty Karna (in the epic Mahabharata)? Though he had the intellect and physical valour, he joined the bad company of Duryodhana, Dushasana and Shakuni, and therefore came to be known as the fourth wicked person. So we must always watch our company and avoid bad company who will lead us to entertain bad thoughts and indulge in inappropriate actions. To earn the special grace of God, we must be in good company and do good deeds. Then God will make our container bigger to harvest His Grace!


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