Tamil New Year Message

New Year comes every year and we also make up so many resolutions for the new year. Let us try to follow at least some of those resolutions we make and become a better human.

Resolve For The New Year

“You have been celebrating the New Year Day year after year. But, arc you cultivating new and sacred qualities? No. You are unable to give up your bad qualities. With each New Year, new and noble qualities should be cultivated. Desires have to be controlled. The lesser the desires, the lesser will be your sorrows.” Sai Baba, SS, 5/99, pp. 125 & 126 (Discourse on Tamil New Year Day)

Significance Of The Special Food On The Tamil New Year

“On New Year day, it is a practice to mix sweet, sour and bitter things and eat them. It is to indicate that joy and sorrow have to be treated with equanimity. It is the tongue that tastes the delicacy and it is the heart that tastes love. The taste of love is peerless. It is sweeter than even nectar. Love alone can match love. God is love; love is God; live in love.” Sai Baba. SS. 5/99. p. 128 (Tamil New Year Day)

Sai Messages On The Tamil New Year Day

“Many New Years have come and gone, but what it is that you have achieved? You may have participated in Bhajans any number of times. But, you still continue to immerse in negativity. Put a question to yourself what is that you have gained by participating in Bhajans. Bhajans should develop positive feelings in you. Any Sadhana done with noble feelings will yield good results. You may be doing a lot of spiritual practices for many years without any result. But, never give up any spiritual practice. Continue your Sadhana. One day or the other, you will get the reward.” Sai Baba, SS, 5/99, p. 128 (Discourse on Tamil New Year Day)



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