Sri Sai Satcharita Parayan- Puja Vidhi- Procedure for Conducting the Parayan


Bowing down at Lord Sai’s holy feet, I humbly describe the procedure for Sri Sai Satcharita Parayan. This is a very simple process as devotion is more important to Lord Sai than any other paraphernalia. This is the procedure we followed and attained bliss, joy and peace of mind. Hence sharing this with fellow devotees. Thanks to Bro Babu, a Sai bhakta who inspired us to perform this and provided all the necessary information. I am just communicating his information to all other fellow devotees for their benefit. May Lord Sai inspire all of you to perform this parayan with utmost faith and devotion.

Procedure for conducting the Puja

5.A.M. In the morning we have to light the lamp and do the Kakad Arathi ( We can play the C.D ) your time. Butter and sugar mix together should be offered as prasad.( Preferable to use pancharthi that is with 5 wicks for all the arathis). Once the Arathi is finished, the reading can commence.

8. A.M Abhishekam for small idol of Shirdibaba. (We have to put akshatha (yellow rice) for Baba. Only warm water should be used. It should be offered 9 times at the feet of Baba. During abhishekam one can chant or play Cd of vishnusahasranamam, rudram or purushasuktam. The order for abhishekam is

1. Milk 2 Tender coconut 3 Orange or lime Juice 4 Yoghurt 5 Rosewater last abishekam is with gangajal. After abhishekam decorate baba with new cloth and garland and keep in the shrine.(Break coconut and keep on both sides of baba after applying chandan and kumkum.. Reading should be on during this period.

1. P.M Madhyana Arathi – Arathi should be taken at 1pm after completing the chapter which was going on. (Offer prasad to Baba. Brinjal is the main dish chapatti, rice, puri and any two sabji as well as a sweet.) Reading need to commence immediately. Devotees can go in groups and have prasad in another room.

After finishing all chapters chant the Shirdi Sai ashotharam with flowers. Sundal (Chana) can be offered as prasad. Close the session with Dhoop Aarti.

The whole procedure will take about 10.5 to 11 hrs.

*First chapter, second chapter, after the noon arathi, chapter 50 and 51 should be read by the host.

Devotees can take turns to read the Satcharita. There should be maximum silence in the hall.

May Lord Sai bless His chosen ones to accomplish this puja with great success and give joy and happiness to all.

Bow to Sri Sai and Peace be to All.

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3 thoughts on “Sri Sai Satcharita Parayan- Puja Vidhi- Procedure for Conducting the Parayan

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    • Hello Mamta

      The procedure described is for completing the parayan in 1 day. For the saptaha; generally I just chant 108 names of Baba before beginning the reading.

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