Sri Sai Satcharita Parayan- Puja Vidhi- Items Required

Bowing down at Lord Sai’s holy feet, I humbly describe the items required for Sri Sai Satcharita Parayan. Devotion is more important to Lord Sai than any other paraphernalia. Thanks to Bro Babu, a Sai bhakta who inspired us to perform this parayan at our place and provided all the necessary information. I am just communicating his information to all other fellow devotees for their benefit. May Lord Sai inspire all of you to perform this parayan with utmost faith and devotion.


A For Shrine- Original list Qty- Original list Remarks- What we used
1 Mandapam Decoration. With BABA Photo. 2 We had an altar with Baba’s statue, hence we decorated the altar.
2 Color Satin cloth ( Other than Black/White )  –for Shrine decoration. 2 Half Meters We got new shawl for Baba’s statue
3 Baba S Head Scarf. Half Meter ( Two) We used a crown instead
4 Wall Hangers For Arrangement Of Photos Photos already in the altar room
5 Dress For Baba S Vigraham-idol. (Two) Small Small dress or piece of cloth for the small brass or panchaloha or silver Baba idol to which abhishekam can be performed. We used only 1 dress.
6 Crown And Fancy Mala For Baba 1 each According to the size of the small statues, the crowns and garlands are available
7 Clock For Dias For monitoring the time
8 Aum – Poster 1 If we have one, otherwise also fineWe didn’t use one
9 Ashtotram Sheets Depending on number of devotees attending 108 names of Sai Baba
10 Bell 1
B For Pooja    
1 Garland, Flowers loose 1 no, $5 loose flowers
2 Garland For small idol 1 no
3 Mala For Cutout Photo Frame Garlands or flowers for framed pictures if present in the altar We decorated the pictures in the altar with flowers
4 Turmeric Powder 50 gm
5 Sandalwood Powder 50 gm
6 Kumkum Powder Small pkt
7 Ghee (Small) 100 gms
8 Oil 2 litre
9 Cotton Threads
10 Match Boxes 3
11 Agarbhathis/Joss sticks 2 pkts
12 Camphor- smokeless 1 small box
13 COCONUT 3 We used just 1
14 Udi/Udi Tray
Trays For Fruits 4/5
C For Abhishekam    
1 Milk – 2 litre- Depending on the size of statue and number of people performing the abhishekam. We used small qty as our abhishekam idol was small.
2 Rose Water- 1 bottle
3 Ganga Jal-             2 Small Bottles We used 1 bottle
4 Tender Coconut-   . 2 No We used 1
5 Curd – 1litre 1 cup
6 Juice- 1 litre 1 cup
7 Water – 6×1.5 Litre Warm water quantity sufficient
8 Honey 1 Small
9 Flattened rice and Malar ½ litre Like Panchamrut
10 Sugar Cubes 1 Packet
11 Pan leaf and beetle nuts 4 nos



D Prasadam For Baba    
1 Butter and Sugar   (Early Morning)    
2 Prasadam For Baba: Chappati,Poori,Kesari,Fruits (Afternoon)  
3 Dry Fruits  
4 Plate For Keeping Prasadam With Banana Leafs- 5 NO  
5 Chana (Evening)  
6 Fruits (Evening)  
E Prasadam For Devotees
1 Prasadam – Tea And Milk (Morning and Evening)  
2 Breakfast  
3 Two Rice Items, Bhaji, Chappati, Raita (Lunch)  
F Other items  
1 Tissue Box  
2 Floor Mats  
3 Paper Cups/Plates/Spoons/Garbage bags    
4 Small Water Cups    
5 Post It    
6 Pen    
7 Scissors    
8 Masking Tape Only if putting up posters, wall hanging etc
9 Safety Pins Only if putting up posters, wall hanging etc


Bow to Sri Sai and Peace be to all

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