Chapter 11- First Sri Sai Satcharita Parayan


6th February 2014 we visited a Sathya Sai centre in one of the places we were on a holiday to. It is our practise that whichever country we visit, we make it a point to locate the Sai centre there and attend at least one session during our stay. So, this visit was also one such Divine call.

The centre was beautiful and lot of experiences were shared by the brothers managing the centre. During one such sharing session, they mentioned about Sri Sai Satcharita parayan being conducted once a month with great devotion and enthusiasm. I was wondering about their ability to finish 50 chapters of ‘Sri Sai Satcharita’ in one day. I have tried to complete the book in 7 days with lot of difficulty. So I was in awe when the brother mentioned this monthly event taking place; without any qualms and with such ease.

We met him the next day also and again a discussion regarding this parayan came up. Then I realised there was a purpose behind my coming here and this brother talking about the parayan again. I could hear my Swami; my inner voice telling me, “it is time you start this at Singapore at your place” at least once a year. It was a clear indication. HE even indicated that around ‘Sri Rama Navami’ time would be ideal to have the first session. But I could not even imagine sitting through for 3 to 4 hrs at a stretch forget something elaborate and demanding like this marathon session.

I got back home to Singapore and though at the back of my mind, I didn’t give much thought to it or even attempt to think on those lines. If by any chance the thought came by, I would convince myself that it is impractical and I can’t do it alone so if it is really His wish He will make it happen whenever He feels. Then on 1st April, almost 2 months after my visit, being a Tuesday I went to the Sai centre at Moulmein, Singapore for my seva. (Here I would like to mention that most of my Shirdi related miracles have happened at Sri Sathya Sai Centre, Moulmein). After our work we have a small satsang among the Seva dals and during this time, one of the Seva dal sister asked me out of the blue “Sister, when are you having the Satcharita Parayan at your place and whenever you do, please invite me, I will come to help you.” I was very surprised to hear this from her as there was no discussion on this topic at all. I looked at Swami’s picture there and I could see Him smiling and telling me that it was a reminder for me to do the parayan as ‘Sri Rama Navami’ was approaching.

I immediately took the cue and after getting back home, contacted the brother who was performing the monthly parayans, to send me the details of the puja. I didn’t know how I would do it. It was HIS indication and HE would handle it. On 3rd April, Thursday evening as the regular devotees came in for Vishnu Sahasranamam at our place, I casually mentioned to them about the parayan. One or two of them were very happy and readily agreed to come and help out. I was seeing the unseen hand of the Lord at work.


On 10th April, Thursday just 2 days after ‘Sri Rama Navami’, by the Divine grace we were able to conduct the first ever parayan at our place with more than 15 devotees attending and taking turns to read as well as get the preparations ready. The program started with the early morning Kakkad aarti and concluded with Dhoop aarti. I was in utter disbelief regarding my ability to hold on myself for more than 12 hrs without a sign of tiredness. I was filled with so much joy and bliss. It is indescribable. About 6-8 of the devotees stayed throughout the 12 hrs and were filled with so much happiness as well.

I learnt a lesson here. ‘Follow the Master’s command; don’t question or apply logic, if He has indicated something He will make sure that it will be a success’. So dear friends, if you get any such opportunity never let it go out of your hands. Have the faith that you are a mere instrument and He is the doer and you will see how things just happen.


Words fail to thank the Divine Master for His infinite mercy.

Samarth Sadguru Sainaath Maharaj Ki Jai

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