Inner Significance of Ugadi


You would have celebrated many Ugadi (New Year day) festivals in your life. Certain traditional practices go with every festival, such as having a sacred bath, wearing new clothes, cleaning the house and decorating it with buntings of green leaves. Greatness lies in purifying our thoughts, not merely the transient human body. The significance of a festival does not lie in wearing new clothes, but in cultivating new and noble thoughts. The house should be decorated not merely with the buntings of green leaves, but with buntings of love. Share your love with everyone who visits your house. Only then we would be celebrating the festival in its true spirit.

Today New Year has begun. With sacred feelings and divine thoughts, cultivate the spirit of love in you. God is not found separately in a temple or in an Ashram etc. Truth is God. Love is God. Dharma is God. When you worship God by following these principles, He will manifest Himself then and there. There is no doubt about this. You should love God wholeheartedly. Pray to God and make friends with Him. You can achieve anything if you have God as your friend.

What you have to learn today is to fill your heart with love and adorn your hand with the ornament of sacrifice. Sacrifice is the jewel for the hands, Truth is the necklace one should wear. You must develop the habit of adorning these jewels in the New Year. In this New Year, develop divine love and foster peace in the country. You must pray with a broad feeling: Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu (May the whole world be happy!). Start the New Year with this prayer. Then you will lead a blissful and peaceful life full of enthusiasm. To lead such a life, you have to cultivate noble thoughts. So, love God , make friendship with Him and you are bound to be successful in all your endeavours.


Discourse of Bhagavan Baba- April 2000


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