Importance of UGADI

Yugaadi-krit Yugaavarto Naikamaayo Mahashanah
Adrishyo Vyaktaroopashcha Sahasrajid Anandajit
Ugadi, a part and parcel of the concept of Hindu time element marks the beginning of the most auspicious season Vasantha Ruthu (Spring Season) when generally we find trees start to blossom. Yugaadi denote one of the several names of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. Sloka # 33 of Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Sthothram describes Lord Vishnu as Yugaadi-krit (one who creates Yugas), Yugaavarto (one who causes the repetition of Yugas)…. Hence, it is befitting to celebrate this day with the worship of the Para Brahma, the Supreme Lord, Sri ManNarayana who is the cause and effect of this infinite Time element.
As per the Hindu Lunar Calendar, first day (Prathama thithi) of Sukla Paksha (Bright fortnight) in Chaithra Masam is considered as the day on which the Creation had started that marked the beginning of Sri Swetha Varaha Kalpa. That day is being referred to as Kalpaadi. It is also considered as the day on which the Yuga had commenced and hence, it is also referred to as Yugaadi or Ugadi. As per the astrological estimates it is said that Lord Sri Krishna’s Niryaana took place at the early hours on the first day of the bright fortnight (Prathipada) in the lunar month of Chaitra Masam corresonding to 18.02.3102 BC that marked the beginning of the Kaliyuga. Hence, Ugadi can also be assumed as the beginning of Kaliyuga.
In the concept of Ugaadi the sixty year cycle has the following names…
Prabhava, Vibhava, Shukla, Pramoda, Prajapathi, Angeerasa, Shrimukha, Bhaava, Yuva, Dhaata, Eeshwara, Bahudhaanya, Pramadhi, Vikrama, Vrusha, Chitrabhanu, Subhanu, Taarana, Paarthiva, Vyaya, Sarvajittu, Sarvadhaari, Virodhi, Vikruthi, Khara, Nandana, Vijaya, Jaya, Manmatha, Durmukha, Hevalambi, Vilambi, Vikaari, Saarvari, Plava, Shubakrut, Shobhakrut, Krodhi, Vishvavasu, Paraabhava, Plavanga, Keelaka, Saumya, Saadhaarana, Virodhikrit, Paridhavi, Pramaadee, Aananda, Raakshasa, Nala, Pingala, Kaalayukthi, Siddharthi, Raudra, Durmathi, Dundubhi, Rudhirodgaari, Raktaakshi, Krodhana, and Akshaya.
As per a popular legend these sixty names are said to have been associated with the Divine Sage Narada. Considered as Brahma Manasa Puthra, Sage Narada is a great Scholar, Saint and Philosopher depicted as a Divine Messenger. In all the Divine stories we find Narada playing a key role and his involvement in one way or the other. As per the legend in brief, once upon a time Sage Narada caught in the mystery of Sri Maha Vishnu Maya (illusion) added with a curse from Lord Brahma had to become a damsel with a desire to experience the materialistic life. In the process the Damsel marries a King and gives birth to 60 sons. Later, during the course of time the King along with his 60 sons dies in a battle. Grief stricken the damsel (Narada) came out of illusion with Lord’s mercy and realised that it was the Maya of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. In memory of Narada’s (Damsel’s) sons and to give eternity to their names, Lord Vishnu blessed them that thenceforth, the sixty year cycle of Hindu time element would be represented by their names.
Ugaadi signifies the current period in which we are living as per the Hindu time element in a 60 year cycle with each new year (Ugaadi) denoted by a unique name starting from Prabhava and ending with Akshaya.
Ugaadi marks the beginning of nine day festival called Vasantha Navaraathri also known as Sri Rama Navarathri celebrated for a period of nine days ending with Sri Rama Navami. It is a Hindu tradition to begin any new activity on an auspicious note especially if it is coinciding with Ugadi. It is considered as one of the four very auspicious days is known as Sade Theen Muhurtha. On this day it is prescribed and highly meritorious to perform Sun worship.


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