27 March 2014

If we throw a pebble in a pond, a small ripple originates and spreads until the end of the river. We may or may not be able to see, but the ripple starts right at the point where the stone meets the water. Similarly, in the lake of our mind, when we throw a stone of thought, ripples of thought waves start spreading throughout our body. The same ripple reflects in our eyes, brain, ears, heart and also in our hands and legs. Hence we must be very careful with the kind of thoughts that we permit to pervade our personality. When we get pure thoughts, all our senses will be purified by it. However, if we get bad thoughts, our senses will be misled and this will quickly spread to our eyes, heart, hand and brain. Hence we must always have pure thoughts. If we do so, our body, senses and actions will be purified.


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