Control of Mind- Negativity to Positivity- Developing Inner Strength

I consider myself as a spiritual person and though I may not have achieved any milestones in this pursuit, I believe I have embarked on that journey and progressed to a certain extent. Hence my thoughts and behaviour last week really surprised me and made me think, why?? Why were there certain negative emotions and thoughts in me, especially thoughts of fear and insecurity? By His grace, things are going on smoothly in my life, I have been engaged in lot of positive work, do my regular meditation and prayers etc. What was so powerful that it superseded the good and positive thoughts? Then I recollected a parable I read a few days ago as to how the environment or the atmosphere around us can affect our thoughts to a great extent.

So, what was there in the atmosphere that disturbed me? It was the recent disaster that happened which affected so many people. I was following up on every bit of news I found about this and this was being discussed wherever I went. Whenever such disasters whether natural or created by man, happen around us we become empathetic. Wherever possible we try to help. In situations where we cannot do anything, rather than just pray, our mind takes us on a totally wasteful imaginary trip which only increases the negative thoughts in us and pulls us down. Our mind takes control of us, rather than letting us take control over it.

As I experience this, I realise that Prayers, Scriptures, Spiritual practices etc only show the path. They are just the means. I will need to work consistently on building my inner strength by being able to really put aside the negative thoughts and not allowing the mind to go vagabond. Inner strength can be developed only by constant contemplation and being aware of our thoughts every moment and being able to draw it out from the negative and meaningless track to something more worthwhile.

I will have to understand the real purpose of all the spiritual practises and internalise them. Only this will help me to be happy and blissful despite the adverse situations outside and gain a control over my mind which definitely is a difficult task but not impossible.


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