Sai Geeta-Detachment – Unifying Thoughts, Words and Deeds-Baba

For the wheel of existence, the mind is the focal point, the central hub from which all worldly activities emerge. To be able to penetrate
this focal point and obtain a vision of the immortal self that is beyond, you must cultivate the practice of non-attachment. Make every
effort to develop this most important discipline.

Embodiments of Love,

Renunciation or detachment can also be thought of as non-attachment. Non-attachment is when the mind and the senses become unaffected by the objects of the world and remain indifferent to their attraction and repulsion. The mind covers the true self; therefore, the mind can be described as a veil. It is a veil of ignorance, for it hides your true self and keeps you unaware of its magnificent presence within you. But, the mind, itself, is tied down by the sense organs, and the sense organs are attracted to the objects of the phenomenal world, and get bound by them. Therefore, the first step in realizing your true self is to gain control over your sense organs. For this, the practice of non-attachment is essential.


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