20 Mar 2014

One need not search for God in temples and faraway places, He lives within us. Similarly both, sin and merit exist in our own actions. Hence we must perform good actions and speak good words. In the worldly life, we are taught and practise our basic courtesies like please and thank you to those who help us, similarly we must express our gratitude to God who has bestowed everything to us. But instead we take Him for granted. God has gifted us many wonderful things. For example, when it rains, there is plenty of water flowing through canals, rivers, tanks, etc. All the forms of Nature – Earth, Sound, Water, Air and Fire are Forms of God. We must express our utmost gratitude to them. We must never forget the good done to us by others. Being ungrateful is the worst thing. The more we are grateful for what we have the more grace will flow towards us and we will also develop the attitude of contentment and peace.

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