13 Mar 2014

One must bear  in mind the company we keep. The great saint-poet Kabir once said, “I  salute the bad and also the good”. Kabir was asked, “We understand you  offering salutations to the good, but why do you salute the bad?” He  responded, “When I salute the bad, I am doing this with a prayer to  remove themselves from my presence; I am saluting the good, requesting  their presence before me.” This is a profound statement. We must avoid  bad company and cultivate the company of good. When we join with good  people, we will be happy and we will confer happiness upon others.  Positive people bring about positivity in us. Negative people will drain our energy away. Hence being in a positive environment is very important. We must also strive to get rid of all our bad thoughts and give up all our negative  traits so that we also don’t pass negativity around. Let us make ourselves as well as others around us happy. Let us render selfless  service to the community and redeem our lives by earning the Grace of the  Lord.


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