6 March 2014

Test is a taste of God. Unless we are tested, our determination will not become strong. Students often write three or four tests in a year. Exams are not to trouble them, but to validate and strengthen their understanding of the subject. When they pass with flying colours, they are either promoted to higher classes or gain admission to very good Universities. God also does the same. Hence, welcome tests, not as a punishment, but as a protection. However hard they may be, we must clear it. Then we will definitely attain a higher state. God already knows who we are, but He may test us in order to set an ideal for others. What we see is one and what God sees is another. God tests us so all our sins and shortcomings are washed away. Just as gold is tested and attested for its purity, God’s tests are always for strengthening our courage, patience, determination and devotion.


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