27 Feb 2014

Today is Shivaratri day. All of us experience the night daily. These are ordinary nights. They are nights of darkness. But Shivaratri is an auspicious night. How is it auspicious? There are sixteen aspects of the mind. The moon is the presiding deity of the mind. Of the sixteen phases of the moon, today, in the fourteenth day of Magha month, fifteen of the phases are absent. On this day, it is possible to get full control of one’s mental faculties. Auspiciousness consists in diverting the mind towards God. This calls for getting rid of the inherited animal tendencies in man. This is the occasion to recognise the omnipresence of the Divine in all beings and in all objects. It follows that whomsoever we adore or condemn, we are adoring or condemning God. We must follow the injunction: Help ever, hurt never.
 “Among the festival days, Mahashivaratri is of exceptional importance. Today God is in close proximity to man. At midnight (on Shivaratri), Divine vibrations are close to every human heart. At such a time, when people are engaged in holy tasks, they get suffused with the Divine vibrations.”

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