Chapter 9 contd- Memorable Shirdi Trip- Part3


Divya Darshanam- Sighting the Lord in His full glory

The day finally arrived when the vehicle (both the body as well as the car) was finally on its way to Shirdi.. My brother had a lovely surprise for me, he told me that arrangements were made for 2 aartis and 1 darshan at Shirdi in between the 4th evening and 5th morning (I was expecting only 1 aarti and at the most one more darshan). However as we proceeded from Mumbai to Shirdi on the early morning of 4th Feb, it took us more than 6 hrs to reach Shengnapur. (We were visiting the ‘Shani- Shengnapur’ temple dedicated to Lord Shani-Saturn on our way to Shirdi). We had been booked for the evening aarti (Dhup aarti) at Shirdi.

We were to report by 5pm. It was already 4pm at Shani temple and we were 70km away from Shirdi and the roads linking the two places were quite bad. The person who was to help us with the darshan needed to travel an hour to reach Shirdi temple from his place of residence, so I felt it was really not fair for us to make him travel that far if we were unable to reach on time. I told my brother to tell the person not to proceed from his place. However my sis in law a great Shirdi follower told that Baba would not accept aarti before we reached the temple and to ask the person to proceed as per the plan.

The vehicle almost flew past the uneven road and dashed the Shirdi gates exactly at 5 pm. Baba had ensured that we were present for that evening aarti.MY SIL was right. The person was already waiting for us at the gate and whisked us off to a special hall where some devotees had assembled.

At this point I would like to recollect one of my dream experiences (sometime in Sept 2012) wherein I had asked Swami, after being so attached to the Sathya Sai form, why was Shirdi avatar suddenly taking a predominant place in our lives? I have shared that experience in this blog. Swami had shown me that Shirdi and Sathya Sai are same and that I should not distinguish between the forms. I understood the meaning of the second part of the dream about Swami giving me Udi and Sugar as per the Shirdi tradition, however the first part of the dream was rather puzzling; Swami taking me and my husband through a flight of stairs into a big hall and indicating that there was going to be some prayers and worship in that place and He would do all the arrangements. I didn’t give much thought to this part and didn’t try deciphering either. The mystery however unfolded at that very hall where we were seated waiting for Baba’s darshan before proceeding to the main Samadhi place. We had climbed a flight of stairs to reach to this hall and yes, all the arrangements for the darshan were made by Him. The first part of the dream decoded. I could get this clear message. I was stunned and beyond words as to how this sweet Lord of mine took so much efforts to convince this child of His, the oneness of both the avatars.

The final and one of the most cherished moments arrived when these eyes were blessed and fortunate to see the Lord in His full glory seated on the golden throne. Words cannot express that feeling. I could keep looking at Him for ever. With His infinite mercy we had fantastic darshan during the Dhup aarti (Sunset aarti) on the 4th and for kakad aarti (pre dawn aarti) on the morning of the 5th followed by yet another morning darshan. And of course we were given loads of Udi and Sugar too.

Lord fulfilled my deep yearning so beautifully after making me completely ready for this Divya Darshanam. The time had finally come.

Words fail to thank the love of my dearest Swami.

‘Samarth Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai’


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