Chapter 9-contd-Memorable Shirdi Trip- Part 2


The Divine Call

Shirdi Sai 1

It is said that when the Divine calls, there is no looking back. In the Sai Satcharita, Baba says “I will draw you to Me like a sparrow with a thread tied to its feet”. He did exactly like that for us. He used the threads of grace and love to tie our feet. We were made to be aware of this through many Divine indications.

Early morning on the New year day ie 1st Jan 2014, a neighbour greeted us with new year wishes and mentioned that he had been to Shirdi the previous week and when he went there, he remembered us, as we had Baba installed in our house and prayed for us. We were very happy to hear that and at the very instant my husband told me that it was a call from Baba and tickets had to be booked. That very day we booked the tickets to Mumbai for proceeding to Shirdi.

On 7th Jan, a Tuesday, the day I go to the Sai centre, I was in for a big surprise. I have mentioned about this in my blog.  I was fortunate to perform Shirdi Sai Puja at the Sathya Sai Centre. I was amazed by the Lord’s play, again and again indicating me not to differentiate between the forms. I got back home and shared this with my husband. Immediately he told me that Baba was preparing me for the Shirdi trip.

It was as if my husband grasped the indications bang on.

On 9th Jan, Divine Thursday, was the 2nd anniversary of Baba’s homecoming. I have shared this also in my blog. That evening my friend aunty was back from Shirdi and gave me the prasadam along with the prayer books of Baba. Yet another indication.

On 12th Jan, Sunday, I was away shopping and unexpectedly received a call from my brother in Mumbai. He asked me my plans for the Shirdi trip and I mentioned to him that I would like to be there on the 5th Feb for the morning aarti. I was in for the most beautiful surprise when he told me that he was at the very moment in Shirdi (a trip unplanned) and that he would do all the aarti and darshan bookings for the 5th Feb. I was beyond words to thank my dearest Lord who was making all the arrangements beforehand to receive His children.

On 21st Jan, again a Tuesday, I was at the Sai centre and my fellow Seva dal aunties having seen me worship Baba in the centre on the 7th, got their home idol of Baba for being worshipped. They brought along all the paraphernalia; fruits, agarbatti and all the puja items. The most surprising or miraculous happening that day was, for the very first time at the Sai Centre I had seen someone had left $1.25 at the altar. I saw this early in the morning and later when the aunties came with the idol of Baba, I realised that Baba had already kept the dakshina ready for His puja. (Usually currency of 1.25) is offered as dakshina for Baba.  Amazing are His leelas. The puja was performed with the chanting of ashtotram and complete Madhyan aarti.

Did I need any more indications, blessings or preparations to be at His Divine Lotus feet at Shirdi?

“Samarth Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai”


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