13 Feb 2014

In the Mahabharata, the Kauravas believed in ‘I first, World next and God last’. The Pandavas believed in ‘God first, World next and I last’. The Kauravas took shelter under wealth and prosperity and did not protect themselves properly. The ego of ‘I’ was minimum in the Pandavas and hence they reached an elevated state and took shelter in the Lord. The Pandavas firmly stood for the five qualities of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Nonviolence. Hence Lord Krishna Himself became the charioteer of Arjuna. Even during the present times, the Pandavas are held high as exalted examples. We also must conduct ourselves just like the Pandavas. We have many inner enemies like anger, lust, greed, jealousy and above all a big ego. The battlefield of Kurukshetra occurs even today in our hearts – it is the battle between the good and the bad. To emerge as victorious like the Pandavas and attain Him, we must work hard to sustain and promote the good qualities in us and give up selfishness and other negative tendencies.


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