Chaper 8- 2nd Anniversary of Baba’s homecoming

Yesterday ie 9th Jan 2014 happened to be the 2nd year of Baba’s idol installation at our home.(For those who interested in knowing Baba’s homecoming, this is shared in

Baba 2012

Baba 2012

The evening was blissful with chanting of Sai Ashtotram (108 names of Shirdi Baba) followed by the reading of the 15th Chapter from the Sai Satcharita. As we had about 10 min on hand before starting our weekly Vishnu Sahasranama chanting, I thought we could read one more chapter. As I just flipped the pages to see which I should read, the exact page on Baba’s gift of Vishnu Sahasranama book to Shama (Chapter 27 of Sai Satcharitra- came to my view and I knew Baba is indicating me to read the chapter for the benefit of all who come home regularly every Thursday to chant the auspicious 1000 names of Lord Vishnu. We were all delighted by Baba’s Divine direction. (note the chapter no also 27- adding to 9 :))

Baba 2014

Baba 2014


Samarth Sadguru Sainaath Maharaj ki Jai


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