Chapter 7 Sai Leela at Moulmein- Jan 2014

Tuesdays being my Seva day at Moulmein Sai Centre in Singapore, I was up early and reached the centre and got busy with the usual work there. Today, there was an additional seva for us to dismantle and pack up the Christmas tree placed there. When we were busy doing that work, the afternoon sevadal aunty approached me and asked if I could help out someone who had just come to the centre. As I was wondering what it was about, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lady having a small idol of Shirdi Baba. She wanted to have the idol consecrated before she installed it at her home. She was visiting the Sai centre for the first time and I guess having seen the board outside as Sai Centre, she just came in to check. In what way could I help her? This was the first time I have seen anyone getting any idol for consecration. But I wanted to do something for her. By the grace of the Lord and thanks to the Iphone, I had a Shirdi Sai app in my phone. I told her to be seated in front of the altar and sat along with her and after venerating Lord Ganesha, & Swami, I chanted the 108 names of Shirdi Baba followed by Madhyan aarti. Though we were not able to actually perform the aarti, I was able to sing along with the app the whole aarti. After this, I handed over Swami’s picture and vibhuti to her. She wanted to know the programs at our centre as well as where to get Shirdi Sai related books/CDS etc. We were able to help her out with those information.

She was so happy and felt truly blessed. And what about me?? I was in awe and joy, thanking Swami for giving me this wonderful opportunity to chant Shirdi Sai Stutis at Moulmein. Once again He showed me that He and the previous body at Shirdi are the same. Otherwise what is the explanation for this?

Thank You my dearest Lord.

Samarth Sadguru Sainaath Maharaj ki Jai


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