5th Dec 2013

Everything is a reflection of the inner being. At one time Krishna summoned Dharmaja and charged him to find out if there was a wicked person in the kingdom. Similarly, he also called Duryodhana and charged him to seek out a good man in the kingdom. Dharmaja and Duryodhana went in different directions. Dharmaja came back and said, “ Krishna there is not a single wicked person in the entire kingdom- all the people are virtuous”. Krishna sent Dharmaja away. After sometime Duryodhana came. He said, “ Krishna , our kingdom is full of bad people- I have not come across a single pious or good man”. Then Krishna said “Yad bhaavam tad bhavathi”. As Duryodhana was full of wicked feeling he saw everyone as bad. As is the colour of the glasses so is the vision. The vision of a bad person is bad. Duryodhana was bad, wicked and cruel. Dharmaja was a Sadhu, pious, truthful, and full of good practice. He was the very embodiment of dharma. Thus he saw good in people and met only good people. The vision and the experience of Dharmaja and Duryodhana are based on their own inner thoughts. This is very true for each one of us. We will draw towards us what we want. If we think negative, we are sure to attract negative towards us. So let us always have positive and good thoughts so that we can draw positive towards us. Everything around us is a reaction, reflection and resound of how we are.

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