Swami’s star birthday celebration and 1st anniversary of Mahila bhajan-ladies day celebration


With the Divine grace we were able to celebrate Swami’s 88th star birthday today 21st Nov, along with one year completion of our Mahila bhajan. Wonderful start to the day with Omkaar and suprabhatam followed by Sathya Sai Sahasranamam  and soul stirring bhajans. Cake cutting for our dear Lord to the tune of “Tere Janam Din Main Sai”. Swami gave us the opportunity to do a mini Narayan seva and satsang with the lovely Sai sisters. Thank You Swami.

This day, with all humility and devotion, my Sai sisters Saraswathy Aunty, Ranjini, Lakshmi and Vishalakshi along with me offer the human value blog in Tamil and Telugu at the Divine Lotus feet of our dearest Lord. We have just launched the site today; the first 5 stories are intended to be posted on 23rd November as our birthday gift to our Divine Master.


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