14 Nov 2013

One must develop self-confidence and self-esteem. We must not underestimate our talents; when we
dive deep into ourselves, we can discover the source of all strength. Small ants in millions creeping over a rock, can carve a deep groove along theirpath. Even the minute feet of the ants have that power. Many of us have seen onthe walls around village wells, how hollow pits are produced on granite slabs by placing on them mud water pots continuously. Even though the pots are made of mud, over the years they erase even the hardest granite and make them hollow. The Atma Swarupam (Embodiment of Divine Self) is not Alpa Swarupam (insignificant). It is a powerful dynamo, capable of generating enormous power. The scriptures reveals all the knowledge to us and the spiritual teacher (Guru) shows us the goal (Guri), but we must generate the power ourselves, by our own
spiritual effort (Sadhana). So let us believe in ourselves and developself-confidence. External help can guide us to a certain extent only. Efforts have to be done by us alone; to achieve anything in both; the material as well as the spiritual world


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