31Oct 2013

Wishing all my dear friends, a blissful Deepavali. May the light of love, wisdom and joy spread all over the world.  Let the light of ‘hope’ be lit and shine in every heart and make this beautiful world a better place for all.
Most agriculturists feed on hope for their survival. Hope sustains them while they plough, sow, plant and manure the crops that they raise. That hope, must become a mental habit not just during agriculture, but as part of everyone’s daily life, in all the manifold activities. One must never give any chance for that vile thing, despair, to eat into the vitals of activity and effort. Despair is a sin against God. When He is within us, why should we lose hope? That is why the Lord says, “Why fear, when I am here?” We must be always joyful, optimistic and courageous. WE must know that the strongest connection between us and the Divine is when the life-giving waters of courage and hope, flow in our heart.

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