Sai Leela- 7- Sai Blessings in the US

We are on the last leg of our tour in the US. We have been here for almost a month now. We had come here to settle our daughter for her under grad studies. Before we proceeded from Singapore (our home now), we invoked the Lord’s grace through Rudrabhishekam and Sai bhajans at home. I had gathered some info regarding the Sai centres mainly in NY where we were to spend the most time in this trip. By His divine grace were able to attend bhajans for 2 weeks there at Manhattan.

We then proceeded to North Carolina where my husband had some office work and I used this time to spend my time blogging about Swami and doing some translating work of one of the devotee’s experiences. 6 to 7 hours in the day passed blissfully listening to Radio Sai and doing His work. I had also looked through the net regarding Sai centres or temple around. I found a Sai centre and one Sai temple. The Sai center met only on Sundays and since I was not there on a week end I couldn’t attend that, so I was eager to visit the Sai temple there. One evening we decided to visit that place and drove about 10-12 miles and unfortunately could not locate any such temple and the website didn’t have any contact number etc. I was disappointed that, I had come with so much enthusiasm to see a Sai temple in a new country and was unable to see that. Then I thought that was also His wish and forgot about that.
Two days back on our last leg here in LA, we decided to see the Disneyland the next morning; having come so far. That evening our friend came to our hotel to take us to his place. When we got in the car, my husband first caught sight on Baba’s picture in the car. He asked the friend about it and he said there was a beautiful Shirdi temple close by and if we were interested he could take us there the next day. I was overwhelmed to hear this and in my mind was in full of gratitude for the love He had for his bhaktas. He knew how disappointed I was not being able to see Him in NC. I had not even looked out for any centres or temples in LA as our stay was very short there. But He has His own ways. He knows where and when to give us His darshan. So yesterday morning, all the Disney plans were out of the window and we visited the temple. As if waiting for us, the priest just started the sankalpam and prayers after we reached and we were blessed to watch the full abhishekam for Baba and even had a chance to offer milk abhishekam to Baba. Then was Vishnu Sahsranamam followed by Rudrabhishekam and Sai aarti. I had the opportunity to chant Vishnu Sahasranamam, all the suktams, Rudram and the Sai aarti. And yesterday 15th Sept, happens to be Baba’s 95th Mahasamadhi day. (The English date).

We were more than compensated, bonus plus all the extra deals.

The temple is in Montebello CA, USA. It is very beautiful and replica of the Shiridi temple. There is a Dwaraka mai, Guru sthan and udi place. Amazing. I have no words to thank my beloved Master for having blessed us thus. The ever merciful Lord who grants even the smallest desire by us. Wherever we go He is already there, we have to just have the intense desire to see Him and He will just make everything possible for us to have His darshan.

Can there be more loving mother than my Sai ma?

16th Sept 2013

Sai Centre Manhattan

Sai in Montebello CA, USA

Shivalingam in the Gurusthan

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