12 Sept 2013

We all ask for Grace to the Lord, which is rare and is available at a high cost. However, we hardly pay anything to obtain it and are disappointed when we are unable to secure it! This is sheer avarice! We claim that we have been visiting temples and other sacred places for years, prayed for a long time and expect huge chunks of Grace. But it is not the years that matter – what matters is the depth to which the roots of Karma (past actions) have grown from our previous births. It takes a long time and systematic effort to clear the field of all those growths – that effort is the sadhana, of good actions and worship (Karma and Upasana). In order to obtain the Lord’s grace, we need to slowly get rid of our inner enemies of jealousy, anger, ego etc and fill it with love towards all. See the Lord in all and do our duty selflessly dedicating everything to Him. Then we will see how His grace flows towards us. All of us are already blessed in many ways, we need an eye to see and realise what we have been bestowed with and be grateful for it.


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