29 Aug 2013

Life is a pilgrimage to God and the path lies before us. But, unless we take the first step forward and follow it with succeeding steps, how can we reach it? We must start with courage, faith, joy and steadiness, and we will certainly succeed. The mind and the intellect are like two bullocks tied to a cart. The bullocks are not used to the road of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love, and so they drag the cart along the road familiar to them, namely, falsehood, injustice, worry and hatred. We have to train the bullocks to tread the right path, so that they may not bring disaster to themselves and to others. Every object or being in the world will give both pleasure and pain. One must control and train ones mind to see this real nature of the objective world. Everything depends on our attitude towards anything. We always do things which give us temporary happiness. If we consciously follow values in our daily life, we can make our life meaningful and fruitful.


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