15 Aug 2013

For  the wisdom of discrimination to dawn on people, elders must first set  an example in discrimination and detachment. If they run after sensory  pleasures with feverish excitement, how can the youth be blamed for  their selfishness and greed? The elders must practise what they preach,  show how a divine life confers mental poise, joy, contentment and  harmony. They must  spend at least some time everyday in the recital of  the Lord’s Name or on Meditation. Then, children too, will imbibe that  atmosphere and acquire peace for sure. Today, many speak with full  passion that there is nothing as sweet as the Name of the Lord, but they  do not repeat it at all.  Children will easily discover the hoax, if  one neglects their own spiritual progress on the path, but preaches it.  The accountability of those who profess the spiritual path is great and  must not be undermined.
“Practice what you preach

One thought on “15 Aug 2013

  1. Practice fundamental discrimination. Foster love for God. Remember the young ones are smart in seeing who are pretentious and who are not. .

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