Sai Leela-6

Last “Thursday Experiences” (Sai Leela-5) episode continued. Aunt R’s daughter went back to Mumbai with her new born. When she entered the building, to her surprise there was a Shirdi Sai statue at the entrance of her building. She didn’t care much for it. Life went on as usual for some months. She didn’t have any inclination to go to Shirdi (as per her mother’s desire). One fine day, she could hear someone shouting from down below her building. She went to her window to see what the commotion was all about. She saw a man dragging a decorated bull which had a bell hung on its neck and was vigorously shaking it. Some people had gathered to watch this. (In India it is common to have this sight; people believe that the bull can provide answers to their problems by either nodding its head on approval or being still on disapproval). Somehow this lady who never believed in such things, asked her maid to just pass some money to the fellow with the bull. The maid was surprised since she had never seen this aspect of her madam. Nevertheless, she went down and offered the money to the fellow. The fellow asked as to who had given it and the maid pointed the apartment to him. Without even seeing the lady up near the window, this man blurted out “Your madam’s child does not sleep peacefully at night and gets up often in fright, ask her to take the child to Shirdi, Baba will cure her.” When the maid informed her madam about this, she was shocked in disbelief, for, none other than her had known about the child’s problem. How did this man know?. She realised that it was a reminder for her to keep up her promise of visiting Shirdi. And she did that before the child was one year old. By the grace of Lord Sai, the child is about 3 years old now and absolutely fine.

“One can never comprehend the ways of the Lord.”

“Samartha Sadguru Sainaath Maharaj ki Jai”


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