25 July 2013

Often people seek health, not for its own sake, but to cure or prevent an illness. For illness means lots of grief, so everyone is after health, and health means joy. Truly speaking, everyone’s native element is joy. When we are calm, we are naturally happy and we experience peace and contentment (Anandam, Prema and Shanthi). Just like a fish which is thrown out on the bank of the lake wriggles and struggles to enter the water again, every being is struggling to win calmness, peace, contentment and joy, every single day in their lives. Each and every one of us can win joy, only through our own efforts. Happiness is an inner treasure.  If we want to build a plan to live joyfully, we must first plan for Peace and Contentment as the essential building blocks. External sources can only give us temporary joy and happiness. Inner peace will ensure happiness and joy always.


One thought on “25 July 2013

  1. T he waves and the forms on sea surface experience turbulence for a while only to become part of the calm, still and steep water mass. Even so the one who faces the ups and downs of life with the conviction that he is a spark of the divine develops the ability to attain equanimity and composure against all odds. As Swami repeatedly told us, you look ‘out’, you find only pieces; instead, you pursue to look ‘within/, you will find peace and bliss..

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