Sai Leela- 5

As promised in the last “Thursday experiences” post (Titled Sai leela-4), I am sharing Aunt R’s experience. (Just a recap this is the aunty who visited our Home temple and was inspired to share my blogs in Oriya and also start the human value program in a school in Orissa). Aunty R’s husband is a doctor practising in Orissa. This incident happened about 2 years ago. One evening, one of her husband’s patient dropped by at their home for a little chat. During the conversation, he mentioned to them about a certain train that had been started from Bhubaneshwar (Capital of Orissa) to Shirdi. He further shared with them about Baba and His miracles. Aunty had till then never bothered to know about Baba and neither was she interested then. She just tolerated him because of courtesy.(in her own words) (little did she know that this was His first visiting card). She was relieved once the person left home. The next day they were supposed to have a baby shower function of her daughter at their place. Aunty had invited a good number of people for the function. About 200 guests were expected. Many were to come from town and faraway places.  Next day, late morning the cooks arrived to put up the tent for cooking for the evening function. Suddenly the dark clouds started appearing in the sky and it was about to pour the whole day. This was a totally unexpected rainfall at that time of the year. The cooks were wondering if so many people would turn up. Aunty just told them to get about their work for preparing for the said number of people. Soon it was pouring ‘cats and dogs’. Aunty started receiving calls from people enquiring whether the function was on; given the weather condition. Aunty assured them and requested them to attend, though she herself was not sure whether the function would go on smoothly. There was no sign of the rain stopping. News flashed about the rains in town area and to expect delays. Aunty started getting worried and suddenly a flash of thought appeared in her mind! What was that???? Some “Baba” the man was talking about yesterday. She immediately called out and prayed to Baba,” if You have any power as mentioned by the man yesterday, stop the rains and let the function go on smoothly. If it happens that way, I will get my daughter and her new born to Shirdi before the child completes 1 year of age”. The Lord was waiting for this call and lo and behold! The rain stopped. The sun shone brightly, the function went off well and when aunty bid farewell to the last guest at about 10pm in the night and closed the front gate, there was a sudden thunderstorm and lightening followed by heavy rain. So, beyond doubt Aunty knew who had made this happen. She was very thankful to Baba and now planning her trip to Shirdi at the earliest to keep her promise.

Now, the next hurdle??????? To convince her daughter to visit Shirdi with her child. The daughter who neither cared about Baba nor her mother’s request to visit Shirdi.

But He has His way and Thy will be done.

Look out for the daughter’s experience in the next post in “Thursday experiences”.


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