11 July 2013

What the world needs is more hard work, done in a spirit of sacrifice, of relinquishing one’s personal comforts to make others happy. Every being has truth, sweetness and Divinity embedded within them. Only we do not take the time to learn how to manifest that latent Divinity, how to realize the Truth and how to taste that innate sweetness. Hence we carry the twin burdens of joy and grief tied to the ends of a single pole slung across our shoulders. Courage is the tonic for getting health and strength, both physical and mental. We must give up doubt, hesitation and fear. One must never give any chance for these to strike root in our mind. Taking the Name of our Favourite Lord and savouring it on our tongue – it will help us give up fear and doubt. Through our own inner divine strength, we can achieve anything. We can become God, for sure! Let’s keep the Name of the Lord always on our tongue and in our mind; it will help us give up fear and doubt.
Be like the tongue! In the midst of many teeth, carefully, confidently and courageously it goes about its task, without getting bitten.

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