4 July 2013

God does not want the flower or fruit that we can buy in the street. Instead, one must bring to Him the fragrant flower of a pure heart and the fruit of our mind, mellowed from spiritual practices (Sadhana). That pleases Him the most, not the items that are readily available in the market for purchase. Those items
that we buy do not elevate our mind – however, our spiritual practices will do it for us! To get a taste for that kind of effort, we must keep the company of the good and great, and take delight in noble thoughts. By whatever means that is available to us, we must increase our stock of bliss and improve our discrimination. Let us try to store as many of these as possible, so that we  draw up from the reservoir of our storage, whenever the need arises


One thought on “4 July 2013

  1. Swami asked a student: ‘Will you give me anything that I ask of you ?’. The boy said: ‘Yes,Swami, anything’. Swami: ‘Will you give me yourself ?’ /. Boy: ‘Certainly Swami, I am ready.’ Swami: ‘Eh, dhunnapottha (buffalow), What is there that belongs to you for you to give me ? You are my creation’. The boy realised the truth. SURRENDER is the answer..

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