20 June 2013

All of us are spiritual aspirants or bound to be one soon! It is said, Moksha lies in the sukshma – Liberation can be achieved by subtle
means. Few important steps for us: Treat others in the same way, as we would like them to treat us. We must never brood over the past; when grief overpowers
us, we must not recollect similar incidents from our past to add to our grief. Onemust recollect, rather, incidents when we were happy and draw consolation and strength from them. We must raise ourselves above the surging waters of sorrow. Namasmarana (chanting the Lord’s name) is the best antidote for this and if we take it up, the Lord will come to our rescue and instill the faith that everything is God’s Will and teach that we have no right to exult or despair.


One thought on “20 June 2013

  1. Namasmaranam and Sai Charanam are the two wings on which we should launch ourselves and Sai has assured of His Grace for liberation

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