Sai Leela-4

Every Thursday brings in some new devotees at His altar. Some six months back one aunty attended the Thursday sessions for about 2 weeks and was not be seen for about a couple of months till she came one Thursday 2 months back. Apparently she had gone back to India for the last few months. This time when she came she waited for me after the prayer session one Thursday evening as she wanted to share some Sai experiences of her with me. (This I will share in the next post).  We were soon sharing thoughts and experiences and I happened to mention to her about the 2 blogs that I write ie Premaarpan and Sai balsanskaar. She showed keen interest on reading this and wonder of wonders next Thursday she told me that she loved the blog and wanted to translate many of the articles in ‘Oriya’ language (spoken in Orissa, a state in East of India) and also was very happy to know about the human value programs. She insisted on attending a class taken by me and told me that she wants to introduce this human values program in Orissa (where she lives) in the school which they run. I was stunned beyond words. What a Master planner this Swami of mine is? How He drags a visitor from Orissa who was never interested in Swami and who just experienced Shirdi avataar’s glory two years back; to first attend the prayers and then get inspired to start the human value program and share articles in Oriya.

HE knows how to get His work done.

“HE chooses the right person and the right time to spread His work”. We are blessed to be His instruments.

“Anyatha Sharanam Naasthi, Twameva Sharanam Mama, Tasmaat Karunya Bhavena Raksha Raksha Saieshwara”


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