Sai Leela-3

By His grace the Thursday programs are on with great enthusiasm. It has been 6 months since Vishnu Sahasranamam and Shirdi aarti was started and wonder of wonders every week finds atleast 2 new devotees coming to have the darshan. All is His will.

Last month ie May initially seemed to be a difficult month ie in terms of having this regular prayers at home as it was my daughter’s crucial 12th Grade examinations. However I didn’t want any interruption in the prayer sessions. One look at the timetable and I realized that exams were on Thursdays and Fridays that means Thursday evening prayers would be disrupted. I had to make a choice of my duty as a mother in taking care that she is not disturbed during this period and my love for the Lord and continuing the prayer sessions. When one has deep yearning in the mind, He takes care. I left Him to decide. My daughter came up with a proposition to have at different timing on Thursday ie when she was away for the exams. I was glad to hear that, but again the exams were at 2pm.  I immediately informed the regular devotees who visited every Thursday regarding the change of timing, though I was not sure if anyone would be wanting to come at that time. When He wills things just happen. The devotees were thrilled to hear this more because many of their kids had exams as well and they thought what better time to pray than when the kids were taking the exams. The usual crowd turned up for all the 3 weeks. This is His Leela. His Divine will. He draws bhaktas to Him like a magnet.

After the exams we wanted to have a gratitude puja for Baba to thank Him for blessing all esp the kids through the exams and for the further always being with them when the children move away to their universities. What a grand way He decided to have this done? The house was transformed to a wedding home, people just offering to help in whatever way they could that too with so much love and enthusiasm. Our temple was filled with variety of prasads and loads of flowers. The Sai Satcharita chanting, Sai ashtotram, Vishnu Sahasranamam created such a divine atmosphere. Devotees mentioned that they felt they have to do this and were just drawn. They came because they felt so connected with Him and not because someone invited them.

That is the glory of our Divine Master. His ways are indescribable.

Thanks Lord for giving us an opportunity to offer this humble gratitude puja for you.

“Anyatha Sharanam Naasti, twameva Sharanam mama, tasmaat Karunya Bhavena Raksha Raksha Saieeshwara”


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