6th June 2013

The Lord cares for our concentration (Ekagratha) and purity of mind (Chittashuddhi). We need not worry if we are near or far from Him. He has no ‘near’ or ‘far’. When the address we write is correct and clear, our letter will be delivered whether it is to the next street or a distant city. Remembering the Lord (Smarana) is the stamp. Recapitulating His Glory in our heart (Manana) is the Address. We can select any name that appeals to us for Smarana and Manana. But we must be careful not to talk ill of other Names and Forms.  We should never carp at others’ faith, it reveals that our devotion is fake. If we are sincere, we will appreciate the sincerity of others. This is more relevant in today’s world for the followers of various spiritual Masters. We should be firm in faith to our Guru but never disrespect other Masters or teachers. Each one has come for a purpose of leading their followers maybe through different paths but the ultimate goal is the same


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