Bhagwad Gita Satsang 12- Chapter 1- Verse 37,38,39

Verse 37

Therefore , we shall not kill the sons of Dritarashtra, our relatives, for how can we happy killing our own people, O Madhava?

Arjuna here is trying to conclude his seemingly logical argument. He is with intent misinterpreting the shastras to make it conform to his thoughts and reasonings. He is falsely trying to sanction himself or absolve himself by taking refuge in shastras by manipulating it to suit his purpose.

His reasoning is faulty hence the conclusion drawn is wrong and dangerous. He is beseeching  Krishna for support and endorsement of his  thoughts and reasoning. But Krishna remains enigmatically silent.

 Learning and analysis

Often the mind and its emotions force the intellect to think in line with what it wants to do. You think you have analysed but do not realise that the mind is still having its way. Hence it is extremely important to strengthen the intellect so that it is always in command of your personality.

If we look for pleasure through our actions we will never find it. When we perform our obligatory duties and happiness will be conferred on us. This is a law.

Krsna thus exhorts us to just perform our obligations. Success, happiness and spiritual growth will follow.

 Verse 38

Though these, with their intelligence clouded by greed, see no evil in the destruction of families in the society and no sin in their cruelty to friends..

Verse 39

Why should not we , who clearly see evil in the destruction of family units, learn to turn away from this sin , O janardhana.

In the above verses, Vyasa shows how a philosophy can be misinterpreted by a faulty intellect leading to disastrous and dangerous conclusions.

Vyasa, points how a mind distraught with emotions , has no backing from the intellect, pushes an intelligent man to be driven by feelings rather than rational thinking.

 Learning and Analysis

 In the world either people have no feelings(kauravas) or are driven by the feelings (Arjuna). The combination of fine feelings and intellect is rare(Krishna)

 Passivity is the root cause of suffering where emotion holds sway and the intellect is either weak or not available. We are often victimised by our own emotions and we express them indiscriminately.

We face many such situations in life when we have to decide to what is right and whether we are actually happy doing it. If we are uncomfortable with some one around us but we have a duty towards them, lets do it with love and don’t expect anything and have minimum interaction with them if it affects us very much. Lets divert our mind instead in positive thoughts and actions. That way we can remain unaffected. We have to use discrimination how to act in a particular situation. We have to follow the path of dharma or right action but not blindly follow and in the process not being happy. What is the point in doing some action what we think is right and internally being unhappy about it. As we start getting involved in positive thinking, spiritual activities one day we will be able to have a mind which is strong enough not to let us get affected by what others think about us and strengthen our intellect so that it is in command of our personality. 




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