23 May 2013

 Devotion is like a King who has two aides-de-camp called Wisdom (Jnana) and Detachment (Vairagyam). Without these body-guards, devotion is never safe or secure. Devotion must be built upon the foundation of Wisdom and must flower as Detachment from the world. The man of wisdom (Jnani) is unmoved by the agitating feelings and emotions and is unshaken by the storms of good fortune and bad (a sthithaprajna). The one who is detached (vairagi) is the one who has rid himself of the three gunas (or qualities of the mind). A devotee is one who has love towards all living beings. Bhakthi, Jnana and Vairagya are three peaks of the same Himalayan Range. Prema creates daya (compassion), Vairaagya induces dhama (tolerance); and, jnaana (wisdom) leads us along the path of dharma.

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