Arudra Darisanam (Thiruvadirai- Margazhi Pournami)

May Lord Shiva bless all. Auspicious day for Lord Shiva. Chanting Shiva ashtotram (Category: Shiva prayers-in this blog) and Rudram is beneficial. “Namo hiranya bahave hiranya varnyaya. Hiranya roopaya hiranya pataye. ambikapataya umapataye pashupataye namo namah.” Namaha Parvati pataye hara hara Mahadeva”   images The festival of “Thiruvadirai” also known as “Arudra Darisanam” is celebrated more in South India . The “Tiruvadira” star is considered as the nakshathram (birth star) of Lord Nataraja (manifestation of Shiva) and is observed in the Tamil month of Margazhi (December – January). It is essentially a Saivite festival and celebrates the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva, which is represented by the Nataraja form. „Arudhra‟ signifies the golden red flame and Shiva is represented by this red-flamed light. The cosmic dance of Lord Shiva represents five activities – Creation, Protection, Destruction, Embodiment and Release. In essence, it represents the continuous cycle of creation and destruction. This cosmic dance takes place in every particle and is the source of all energy. Arudra Darshan celebrates this ecstatic dance of Lord Shiva. It takes place on the full moon night in the month of Margazhi and this is also the longest night in a year. It is important as this was the day Lord Shiva is said to have appeared to the saint Pathanjali and Vyaagra Paadha. The “Arudhra Darshan” is believed to take place at the Chidambaram Shiva Temple in Tamil Nadu, where Shiva is celebrated as Nataraja. According to legends, once Aadhi Sesha desired to see the dance of Lord Shiva and asked Maha Vishnu for his noble suggestion. Lord Vishnu asked him to go to Chidambaram and to undertake penance. There was another devotee of Lord Shiva called Viyaagra Paadha who was longing to see the dance of Shiva. He prayed to God to get the legs of tiger, so that he can pluck flowers early in the morning to offer to the God, before any bee touches the flower. Pleased with their penance and prayers, the God appeared on the Thiruvadhirai day and danced in Chidambaram. The Nataraja image of the Lord is prayed with great devotion this day. During this festival abhisheka (holy anointing) of Lord Nataraaja takes place early in the morning and then He is taken on procession.

A sweet called “Kali” and multi vegetable „Thalagam‟ (Spicy Curry) are offered as “Neivedyam” (sacred food) and distributed at Temples to celebrate this great joy of seeing the dance of the Lord. Recipe for the naivedyam from May Lord Natarja shower His grace on all (Source:


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